Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why choose Your Local Rideshare for our transfer?

A: After a career for over 40 years in Sales & Marketing, Retails Training and years of travelling, I have a good insight into what the difference is from great customer service and average to poor customer service. We pride ourselves in offering our clients great customer service with professionalism, reliability and making clients feel the way I expected to be treated in my corporate life.

Q: What hours does Your Local Rideshare operate?

A: Government regulations in force a strict Fatigue Management recording for driver and rider safety. Your Local Rideshare operates multiple vehicles to cover most requests over a seven day period. Should we be unable to offer transfers within the Fatigue Management Period, we can call for back up from other partners.

Q: How far does Your Local Rideshare transfer passengers?

A: The most common transfers are to Airports and cruise terminals. Most travel savvy clients much prefer our door to door service rather than having to drive in the traffic, find a parking spot, maybe wait for a shuttle to take then to the terminal all whilst dragging their luggage, sometimes in the rain, cold or heat. Flying back after many hours on a plane and then repeating the process is the last thing they want to do to finish off their journey. Our business clients take advantage of the comfortable transfer conditions and use the time to prepare for their meetings at the destination.

However, with our increased fleet, you can be driven anywhere.

Q: What is the difference between Your Local Rideshare and other unregulated and uninsured operators?

A: Recent changes to Queensland Government Legislation regarding ride share businesses, new strict laws regarding Ride Share Drivers wanting to operate independently have been enforced. Your Local Rideshare must have a number of licences (including Taxi licence), permits and industry insurances to protect riders as well as a BEA (Business Entity Authority). Without these, drivers operating outside these regulations can face a first fine of $20,888 not to mention voiding their insurances. This means it can put drivers as well as riders at financial risk in the event of an accident. Don’t risk your transfer with anyone operating outside these regulations.

Your Local Rideshare is a platform that covers selected independent drivers with our BEA and the administration to manage the processes. Your Local Ride Share has only allows quality vehicles and highly rated drivers to operate within their network.

With our network, you can be Driven Anywhere.